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Ryuho Okawa Offers His Readers New Perspectives

Renowned spiritual leader takes readers from unhappiness to healing to invincible thinking and on to the starting point of happiness. Ryuho Okawa recognizes the United States of America faces turbulent times domestically and internationally that impact the happiness and well-being of its citizens. Okawa lived in the United States in the 1980s and today after three decades, he continues to observe the day-to-day tumult and provide spiritual and practical guidance for his growing followers.

The Japanese renowned spiritual leader, best-selling author and founder of the global movement, Happy Science, authored seven new titles released in the United States in 2017. In 2018, Okawa plans to release at least 6 more titles which add to the over 100 million copies of books he has sold internationally. Okawa is compassionately committed to the spiritual growth of others. In addition to writing and publishing books, he continues to give lectures around the world with a simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world.

Okawa recognizes we are facing troubled times. During this time of turmoil, individuals may feel disheartened and powerless to change the circumstances they are in. When people feel they have had enough, they can take a breather from all the troubles and problems around them by shifting their perspective and start looking within. If they want to change the world according to Okawa, the starting point is always with the individual; he or she needs to start where they are. So the first step to a happy world is to create one more happy person in the world—oneself.

How can this be done when we are bombarded daily with the negative? In Asia and the East, people seem to deal with problems differently from the people in the West. The Eastern cultures value harmony and peace, so Eastern philosophy can certainly help each one of us find “quiet happiness” which is a sense of fulfillment, tranquility, and contentment. So how about learning a bit of Eastern wisdom from Ryuho Okawa to face and deal with our problems and troubles? Perhaps, all of us can find a new avenue for solutions to the issues we are facing personally and globally now.

As one of the most renowned spiritual leaders from the East, Okawa has been offering myriad of spiritual lessons and wisdom to help people in the United States find peace and happiness.

The Unhappiness Syndrome

In one of his books released last April, The Unhappiness Syndrome: 28 Habits of Unhappy People (and how to change them), he writes about how we often unconsciously choose thoughts and actions that invite unhappiness into our lives. In this book, he shows that by shifting our perspective, we can begin to see the world around us differently and start attracting happiness.

Healing from Within

In another book released last June, Healing from Within: Life-Changing Keys To Calm, Spiritual, and Healthy Living, he talks about how we have inner strength to heal ourselves, and that all we have to do is to awaken to and trust this innate power to improve our lives.

Invincible Thinking

In Invincible Thinking: A Essential Guide for a Lifetime of Growth, Success, and Triumph released in October, Okawa talks about how we can cultivate a winning mindset that lets us keep moving forward and achieve lasting success no matter what obstacles we may face in life.

The Starting Point of Happiness

Finally, In The Starting Point of Happiness: An Inspiring Guide to Positive Living With Faith, Love, And Courage released in November, Okawa illustrates how we can find purpose and meaning in life and attain lasting happiness that will infuse us with hope, strength, and fulfillment.

Together these titles and those set to be published in 2018, provide readers with a continuum for growth, self-development and long-lasting happiness. It’s no wonder, these books and Okawa’s annual “Laws” series have grown in sales at chain, independent and online bookselling outlets.

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