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Selflessness Is the Way to Success

The most important checkpoint on the way to success is selflessness. You’ve probably encountered some people who have achieved success, but are simply unpleasant to be with. This is because they are not selfless. What exactly does it mean to be selfless? Those who are selfless detach themselves from the fortune, fame, and status that they have acquired in this world. They transcend earthly success. These people are aware of the influence that they can exert on others, but remain serene and undisturbed from worldly matters. They captivate the hearts of others because they are aware of their inner worth instead of worldly values; this awareness clearly differentiates true success from a superficial worldly success.

Success without love is not genuine. If you keep your achievements only for yourself, your success will be limited to the tiny framework of you as an individual. On the other hand, if your success contributes to society, your achievement will increase its value and exert influence thousands of times more than that of an individual success.

At first glance, you may not be able to tell the difference between those who have achieved success with love and those who have achieved success without love. However it will become obvious as you spend time with them. So it is important to remember to be selfless on the way to success.

Consider this: Are you a selfless person? Are you sharing your fortune and happiness with others?

Try this: Reflect upon your success to see if it is making people around you happy.

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