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The Art of Happiness

There are many talks and discussions about happiness, but ultimately, the secret to happiness lies in human relationships. If you were all alone in this world, it would be hard to experience true happiness. Perhaps you would not feel distressed, but you would certainly never have the chance to experience true happiness.

Human beings feel happiness and pleasure because there are other people to talk to, hold hands with, love, work, live and learn from. Human happiness has its origins in the fact that we are all individuals and at the same time, we are part of a whole. Happiness arises between human interactions. That is the art of happiness. Happiness is actually born of love.

When you think about it, it’s amazing that more than six billion people share life on this Earth simultaneously. We meet, love and share experiences with many of those who share the world with us right now.

If you have relationships that are filled with love, you will not want anything else. You need to consider afresh how much fulfillment you would feel if you had these kinds of relationships. Think about what true contentment really is, bearing in mind that this world is a place that we will all leave behind one day. True happiness exists in love, in light, and in compassion.

So, why not feel joyous at the fact that you have been given an individual life as a part of this vast world. Let us bring happiness to many. Let us become happy ourselves and make others around us happy as well.

Consider this: Happiness arises between people. Happiness is born of love.

Try this: Think about how the people in your life are there to bring you happiness. Try making them feel happy in return.

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