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The Gift of Prayer In This Season of Giving

Still running around doing last minute Santa-duties? We all love this season of joyous giving, creating memories with friends and family showing how much we appreciate one another. But with all the busy preparations the greater meaning behind this holiday season sometimes gets forgotten. Have you ever wondered why this season is so joyful and why Santa Claus is so loved by everyone around the world, no matter where they are from?

Santa Claus’s Secret to Lovability

Everyone loves Santa Claus because we believe in his love and ability to bring gifts of happiness to all. He knows our deepest wishes, and he just gives to everyone and keeps on giving. He works all year long preparing for his trip on Christmas Eve, but he never meets any of the children who want to thank him because being thanked isn’t important to someone who finds happiness in the work of giving. He just wants to keep on giving unconditionally to all the girls and boys throughout the world. So the world all over celebrates St. Nick every year because he really is a “living” version of a saintly angel, someone so similar to the Creator, and a symbol of selfless love that he’s been kept alive in all our hearts and traditions through the centuries.

The Power of Your Inner Santa’s Gift

There’s a Santa within all of us that is so inspired by the joy of selfless giving. Everyone, even Scrooge, wants to be like Santa Claus deep down inside! And sometimes our inner Santas wish we could give to someone who lives far away out of reach. We wish we could give to people who need help or who are suffering. We wish we could give people living in conflict-filled countries the feeling of safety. We wish we could bring love and understanding to troubled families. We wish we could give warmth to those shivering in the cold and provide food to the hungry. We wish we could buy gifts to our children, but our purses are strained from the tough economy. Well, actually, there is something we can do for every one of these people in the selfless spirit of Santa. But it’s not giving them food, a blanket, a gift, money, or any other material thing. It’s more powerful, more selfless, and far more everlasting. It’s giving the gift of a prayer.

Prayers Light Up the World Like Tree Lights

Imagine how happy and wonderful the world would be if we all became our own version of Santa by giving prayers for someone else’s happiness. Prayer is invisible and costs nothing but it’s powerful because thoughts have the magical power to create something out of nothing. In that moment, everyone will be manifesting a selfless part of them. We won’t be thinking of our worries, problems, troubles, resentments, or what we want for ourselves. Everyone will be thinking purely of giving and loving—to each other. That would be the ultimate world, a world like a gigantic Christmas tree. Each person will become one of the sparkling tree lights lighting up the darkness and shining warmth upon the beautiful ornaments around them. Together in prayer and in one heart, we will be creating the most spectacular, twinkling Christmas tree of prayer, love, hope, and faith in a wondrous world of good.

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This article was inspired by the book From Love to Prayer by Ryuho Okawa (Japanese only)