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Answers to Why God Created This World

Imagine if you could ask God why He created this world and what spiritual laws He used to shape us — and everything around us. If we could understand His designs and intentions, we could discover what our goals in life should be and whether our actions move us closer to those goals or further away. In 1986, an extraordinary miracle occurred that allowed Ryuho Okawa, the founder and CEO of the Happy Science movement, to do just that.

The Laws of the Sun

Life's fundamental questions answered! Discover the true framework of the universe and the Truth. Learn how to improve the quality of our love and enlightenment to create a new era, the Age of the Sun, built upon faith and the harmonious integration of spirituality with scientific advancement.

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Okawa was given access to God’s Will, and has recorded the results in the pages of The Laws of the Sun: One Source, One Planet, One People. To date, this international best-seller has been read by over ten million people. This fall, the book will be available in North America in paperback following its successful release in hardback in 2013. Never before has humankind been granted such access to secrets of the genesis of the universe, planets, and all the creatures; the truth about the formation of Hell; the structure of Heaven and the infinite worlds beyond; and the existence of ancient civilizations dating back more than seven millennia. Based on his extraordinary ability to see the challenges and accomplishments of past, present, and future millennia, Ryuho Okawa has written this remarkable account of the framework of God’s Laws.

In the pages of The Laws of the Sun we can see that God has been compassionately watching over humankind since the beginning of time, always sending envoys of His love in times of darkness. Once again, in a tremendous global instability, God’s Truths are rising above the horizon and shining light onto the confusion we face today. They will inspire the world to appreciate that we all come from the same source, to let go of our differences, and to come together in peace and happiness one people prospering on one planet. As we embrace the miracle that produced this book, we take the first steps to creating God’s ultimate goal: Heaven on Earth.

Ryuho Okawa started receiving spiritual messages from Heaven in 1981. Holy beings appeared before him with urgent messages entreating him to deliver God’s words on Earth. Within the same year, Okawa’s deepest subconscious awakened revealing his destiny to become a spiritual leader who inspires the world with the power of God’s Truths.

Through these conversations with divine beings and through profound contemplation, Okawa developed the philosophy that would become the core of his teachings. He came to understand how and why God created our souls, this world, the other world, and the Laws that form the very fabric of the universe. Okawa knew that this wisdom had the power to help humankind overcome religious and cultural conflict and usher in an era of peace on Earth. So in 1986 he left his promising career in business to found the spiritual movement Happy Science in order to share God’s Truths with the world.

The same year based on his miraculous ability to see the challenges and accomplishments of past, present and future millennia, Ryuho Okawa held a pen in his hand and let words flow through him of their own volition. Sixty hours of automatic writing later, The Laws of the Sun was born in its entirety. It described the Creation of the Universe, it told of Angels of Light acting on God’s behalf to create a system on Earth that would use reincarnation to train souls in the endless cycle of growth. It described the stages of love and enlightenment, teaching what would later become fundamental to Happy Science. He shows us how living in accord with God’s Truths gives us the power to transform our planet, turning it away from catastrophe and straight toward love and acceptance between people of all religions and races. When Jews, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists discover our common spiritual source, their hearts will be inspired to let go of millennia of conflict and finally forgive and embrace each other.

The universality and integrity of Okawa’s spiritual insights delivered in his accessible and pragmatic style, have attracted millions of readers and followers in more than 100 countries. In addition to publishing over 2,400 books, Okawa has delivered over 2,700 lectures and continues to share God’s Truths throughout the world. In this paperback edition, The Laws of the Sun opens the portal in a new age of harmony and spirituality based in God’s Truths, which shine through each page. The key to bringing happiness to all of earth is simple: we only need to realize how much God has been cherishing each one of us for infinite time, and emulate his merciful love in our own lives.