Turn your dreams into reality

We all have dreams, whether small or big, throughout our lives. The question is whether we can succeed in turning our dreams into reality. Following the steps below might strengthen our ability in achieving our goals and help make our dreams come true.

1. Develop willpower

You cannot accomplish anything if you do not have the will to achieve it. You have to find the motivation, drive, or passion that makes you want to take action.

2. Visualize your dream

Picture your ideal self and develop a vision of the path to your goal.

3. Make a plan to achieve your goal

After visualizing your dream, think about the methods or measures you will have to take to achieve it. Study various strategies and tactics and come up with a concrete plan to turn your dreams into reality.

4. Think about what you will do after you achieve your goal

After achieving your goal, what will be the next step, and then the steps after that? Visualize where you will be in a year, three years, or five years from the time you achieve your goal. You can realize bigger dreams when you keep setting your next goal.

To turn your dreams into reality, you will need help and support from others along the way. People are only inspired by lofty ideas and great possibilities so dream big! Also, always think far ahead into the future and think about how your achievements will help others. Only when you can contribute to the happiness of others, can you be truly successful.

This article is based on The Laws of Success by Ryuho Okawa.