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A New Approach to Investigate UFO Activity

International best-selling author Ryuho Okawa publishes UFOs Caught on Camera, a digest of over 60 sightings of “Luminous Near Earth Objects” witnessed by Okawa during the Summer of 2018. Documented sightings occurred between July 4th to September 24th and were observed by Okawa and confidants, who captured footage of UFO activity over the skies of Tokyo, Gunma, Saitama and Tokushima, Japan.

UFOs Caught on Camera

In the summer of 2018, over 60 classes of UFOs appeared before Ryuho Okawa. This book is a thorough analysis, readings and commentary by Okawa, of the luminous objects visiting Earth.

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Book Summary

UFOs Caught on Camera provides unprecedented insight behind the intelligence, with vivid details of spacecraft configuration, sector of origin, passenger descriptions, and discernible sentiment regarding Earth and its inhabitants – all spiritually sourced by Ryuho Okawa. A common thread identified by Okawa was that UFO sightings stem from innocuous observations that may surge to warn of destabilizing events, both natural and man-made. Absent of malicious intent, Okawa maintains that this activity serves as a handshake to invite cooperation and, one day, welcome interstellar migration. While Okawa’s findings are generally optimistic, there is a note of caution from a geopolitical perspective. Okawa warns that extraterrestrial intelligence is diverse with factions that may favor subjects with similar temperaments; therefore, powerful nations with aggressive tendencies may attract attention from beings that find these traits favorable. While our esteemed visitors are grounded in Earth’s preservation, growing instability among nations may inadvertently attract antagonistic encounters.

UFOs Caught on Camera, is Okawa’s third* English publication on “Space People Readings” and features over sixty documented UFO cases with spiritual readings from beings of Vega, Altair, Pleiades and observations from over 20 sectors of planets and constellations.

Alien Readings

Ryuho Okawa has been spiritually investigating world events and supernatural phenomenon since the 1980s. As a renowned World Teacher, Okawa’s teachings encompass many aspects of life, society and spirituality. In 2010, Okawa focused a subset of his writing to the cosmos in a phased exploration of the connection between humanity, Earth and advanced alien intelligence.

When the U.S. Navy arrived in Japan 150 years ago, those tasked with acclimating Japan to foreign influences, started the Meiji Restoration. In the same light, my goal is to herald the coming Space Restoration.

About the Author

Ryuho Okawa is the author of over 2,500 books, which have sold over 100 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 31 languages. On March 23, 1981, after years of philosophical enrichment, Okawa attained “Great Enlightenment” and the ability to comprehend Truths not tethered by conventional wisdom. Okawa’s publications serve as a conduit to this vast repository of knowledge.

In 1986, Okawa established the Happy Science Group, a global organization with activities in publishing, religion, education, media, culture & arts, politics, and philanthropy. Okawa is also the executive producer of seventeen animated and live action films based on his books. Okawa’s latest film, 2018’s The Laws of the Universe – Part I, was directed by Anime veteran Isamu Imakake and released in the U.S. and Canada by Eleven Arts.

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