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What Happens When We Die?

“Where did I come from, and where will I go when I die?” This is a question that plagues most of us at some point in our life. We refer to the place we go when we die as the “other world.” But what kind of place is this other world? What awaits us after death? Unsure of what to expect, we developed a strong attachment to our life in this world and we fear death.

So what does happen when we die? Before answering this question, there is one spiritual fact that we should all know: our life is not limited to our physical lifespan in this world: our soul continues to exist through this world and the next.

In The Nine Dimensions, Master Okawa describes in detail the moment of death:

“At the moment of your death, the soul moves from your physical body. At first you don’t even realize what is happening; it feels as if you have two separate bodies – one lying in bed and the other moving about freely. But when you try to communicate with others around you, you will find yourself being completely ignored. You discover that you can pass through walls and other material objects. Because you still believe that you are the body lying in bed, you continue to hover over it, which leads to an even greater shock when you see your body being taken to the crematorium or the funeral parlor. Not knowing what to do, you wander around near your coffin, uncertain and nervous about what will come next. This is the moment your guardian spirit appears and begins to explain what is happening to you. If you didn’t believe in the existence of the world of the afterlife while you lived on Earth, it will be difficult for you to understand and accept what the guardian spirit is telling you. In this case you will most likely remain on Earth for several weeks, until your guardian spirit can help you accept what has occurred.”

So if you fear death, the first thing you should do is to believe: believe that the other world exists, and believe that your true self is the soul that continues to exist even after your physical death. When you realize that you can only bring your soul to the other world, and none of your material possessions, you will want to start living a life that promotes your spiritual growth and that will bring you true happiness.

Consider this: Your soul continues to exist even after death, but you can only take your soul with you, and will have to leave behind all of your material possessions.

Try this: Imagine the moment of your death. Think and plan how you will live so that you can bring back a shining and beautiful soul when you go back to the other world.

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