Buddhism and Modern-day Enlightenment

The Power of Basics

Rekindle your passion and motivation to meet goals and reach unprecedented milestones. By adopting this powerful spiritual concept, you can scale to new heights of success and happiness through the mastery of basics. Read More

The Laws of Great Enlightenment

In this unique guide to enlightenment, author Ryuho Okawa presents Buddha's awakening in a modern light to frame how we can all achieve enlightenment in this multifaceted digital age. With Okawa as your mentor, life's answers will be unveiled. Read More

The Challenge of The Mind

In this modern introduction to the essential teachings of the Buddha, Ryuho Okawa teaches how to integrate wisdom to nurture harmonious living and heighten spiritual awareness. This is a comprehensive guide to timeless Buddhist teachings. Read More

The Essence of Buddha

Ryuho Okawa imparts, in simple and accessible language, his wisdom about the essence of Shakyamuni Buddha's philosophy of life and enlightenment. Okawa distills a way of life that anyone can adopt to nurture self-growth and compassion. Read More

The Challenge of Enlightenment

Presents Okawa's thoughts on Enlightenment; what it is, what it is not, and the place of happiness and peace in the modern world. Read More