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Think Big!

All achievements are distilled from a single thought and realized by the courage to follow through. Ryuho Okawa inspires readers with practical steps to harden determination, cultivate awareness, improve decision making and harness creativity to actualize dreams. Read More

Healing Power

Ryuho Okawa concisely frames the relationship between the mind and illness, and outlines restorative techniques to mend mental and physical health. Read More

Introduction to Top Executive Management

Ryuho Okawa introduces a new management approach, based on the Buddhist concept of "egolessness," to nurture a leadership mindset that will motivate stakeholders and inspire excellence. Read More

The Truth about WWII

Through spiritual discovery, Ryuho Okawa examines whether the Tokyo Trials were impartial and if Justice Radhabinod Pal's decision was sound. Read More

Invitation to Happiness

In this beautifully ornate book are practices for introspection, visualizations, contemplation tips, action plans and journal space to record inspirations. All the tools to live confidently, peacefully and authentically are just pages away. Read More

The Origin of Love

Ryuho Okawa introduces the "Origin of Love" and its relation to eternal life. When you understand the Truth of eternal love, you will be awakened to the wonder of life and cherish those around you. Read More

Tips to Find Happiness

A series of questions and answers offering practical spiritual suggestions to common problems that will resonate with anyone who has experienced difficulties at home or in the workplace. Read More

Love, Nurture, and Forgive

Ryuho Okawa teaches that practicing a "love that gives," instead of expecting something in return, will offer a remarkable transformation based on developmental stages of selfless love. Read More

The Golden Laws

Great guiding spirits have been present on Earth at crucial points in history. Ryuho Okawa reveals Buddha's plan for humanity, by outlining five thousand years of undisclosed history. Read More