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Probe the thoughts of leaders to gain a true understanding of current events

Diplomatic Strategy for Japan, U.S. and China

Learn what Admiral Matthew C. Perry thinks of the current state of the world and the relationship between Japan and the U.S, 160 years after he opened Japan from seclusion. An astonishing relation between Admiral Perry and Hisahiko Okazaki is revealed. Read More

Why I am Anti-Japan

A Spiritual interview of President Park's subconscious, disclosing her candid thoughts, as well as the truth of modern Japan-Korea history. Read More

A Warning to South Korea’s President

Park Chung-hee's spirit shares his opinions on the roles of South Korea, Japan, the United States, China, and North Korea. What are his thoughts on the Takeshima island dispute, China's future prospects and the direction that South Korea should take as a country? Read More

Interviewing the Guardian Spirit of U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy

Ryuho Okawa's spiritual interview with Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, reflecting on her appointment as the U.S. ambassador to Japan and how she foresees her tenure. Read More

For the Future of Thailand and Japan

Ryuho Okawa's presents a spiritual message from the guardian spirit of Yingluck Shinawatra to nurture prosperous relations between Thailand and Japan. Read More

South Korea’s Conspiracy

While South Koreans continue to accuse Japan of having wronged their nation, Ryuho Okawa hopes that these interviews will provide a truthful understanding of the historical events between Japan and South Korea. Read More

Unmasking Ban Ki-Moon’s Biased Stance

U.N. Secretary General's true character and intentions behind his important peacemaking responsibilities. Read More

The Syrian Crisis

The Syrian dictator's true character is quite different from what we saw in his CBS interview. As the world braces for a possible world war, Ryuho Okawa provides us with a clear sense of where God's justice lies in this international crisis. Read More

The Just Cause in the Iraq War

Is President Obama correct that the Iraq War was an unjust war, as he claimed during the 2012 presidential race? Did Saddam Hussein truly have no weapons of mass destruction, or are those weapons still hidden beyond the reach of U.S. intelligence? Read More