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Religion & Spirituality

Spiritual wisdom and answers to the questions about love, faith & miracles

The Truth about Spiritual Phenomena

These are the records of Ryuho Okawa's answers to 26 questions related to spiritual phenomena and mental health. You’ll learn vital knowledge on how to discern between good and evil ... Read More

What Is Happy Science?

Espouses the eternal Truth, including the meaning of life, the secret of the mind, the true meaning of love, the mystery of the universe, and how to end hatred and ... Read More

The Road to Cultivate Yourself

Offers unchanging Truth in the ever-changing world, such as the secrets to become more aware about the spiritual self and how to increase intellectual productivity amidst the rapid changes of ... Read More

The Laws of Hell

Whether you believe it or not, Hell does exist. What differentiates Heaven and Hell are the good and evil thoughts within our mind. This is a book of salvation, providing ... Read More

The Challenge of Enlightenment

These comprehensive and essential Buddhist teachings, that are written in an easy-to-understand way, will resolve the commonly misunderstood concepts taught in modern Buddhism such as: Egolessness and Void; the true ... Read More

The Unknown Stigma 2

A sequel to "The Unknown Stigma", the first spiritual mystery novel by Okawa. A mysterious young nun with a noble mission. What destiny will her unfold - hope or despair? ... Read More

The Unknown Stigma 1

The first spiritual mystery novel by Ryuho Okawa. A young ascetic Catholic Nun, believes that she was bestowed a ‘cross' from Jesus, a symbolic holy grail that empowers her to ... Read More

The Spiritual Truth About Curses and Spells

Curses are nothing special, but something that occurs in daily life; this is a Spiritual Truth. This book teaches how to protect from curses that bring unhappiness to yourself and ... Read More

The Unknown Stigma 3

In this astonishing sequel to the first two installments of "The Unknown Stigma," the protagonist, Agnes, journeys through the universe and encounters a mystical world unknown to humankind by accompanying ... Read More