Religion & Spirituality

Spiritual wisdom and answers to the questions about love, faith & miracles

The Challenge of The Mind

A guide to exploring the infinite potential of our mind from Buddha's perspective. Ryuho Okawa shows how we can apply the essential teachings of Buddha to our lives and cultivate deep wisdom and promote a happy, peaceful everyday life. Read More

The Laws of the Sun

Ryuho Okawa answers life's essential questions by offering his remarkable account of the framework of the "Laws" that govern the universe. Okawa explains how and why the Creator designed the universe and all things within it and shows us how living in accord with the Truths gives us the power to change our lives and transform our planet. Read More

A Brief History of a Physicist’s Soul

This book contains extremely shocking, yet interesting content - a researcher who was at the cutting-edge of physics talks about his life after death. Read the pages, and you will know that religion and science are not meant to be against each other. Read More

My Journey through the Spirit World

What happens when we die? What is the afterworld like? Do heaven and hell really exist? In this book, Ryuho Okawa shares his personal account of visiting the other world and interacting with the souls that reside there. Read More

The Laws of Faith

Global Visionary, Ryuho Okawa, preaches at the core of a new universal religion from various angles while integrating logical and spiritual viewpoints in mind with current world situations. Read More

Spiritual Interview with Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee speaks about his own kung fu philosophy that he had deepened further after his death, as well as the truth of his young death and the mission of his soul. Read More

The Laws of Mission

Ryuho Okawa offers integral spiritual truths that bring about spiritual awakening within each of us. This book helps us find the purpose and meaning of our life and make the right decisions so that we can walk on the path to happiness. Read More

Spiritual Interview with Princess Diana

Provides comfort to many people around the world who mourned Diana’s early and unfortunate death, and still admire her beauty and love in their memories. It will also serve as an essential factor in praying for her happiness and glory in the Spirit World. Read More

The Laws of Success

Learn 8 spiritual principles that, when put to practice in our day-to-day life, will help us attain lasting success and let us experience the fulfillment of living our purpose and the joy of sharing our happiness with many others. Read More