Religion & Spirituality

Spiritual wisdom and answers to the questions about love, faith & miracles

The Royal Road of Life

Ryuho Okawa, presents the profound Eastern wisdom that he has cultivated on his approach to life. Okawa illuminates a path to becoming a person of virtue - whose character and depth will move and inspire others towards the same meaningful destination. Read More

The Laws of Great Enlightenment

In this unique guide to enlightenment, author Ryuho Okawa presents Buddha's awakening in a modern light to frame how we can all achieve enlightenment in this multifaceted digital age. With Okawa as your mentor, life's answers will be unveiled. Read More

The Age of Mercy

Ryuho Okawa brings you a message of salvation from the Primordial God, who has been nurturing humanity since the time began. Okawa espouses that Truth will unite us under a common expression of love. Read More

Spiritual Messages from Oscar Wilde

The spirit of Oscar Wilde insists that we should be tolerant of the LGBT community. May this book serve as helpful reference for readers pondering the essence of love. Read More

Love for the Future

Ryuho Okawa presents concise solutions to global issues by way of his unparalleled spiritual ability. With this insight, Okawa urges freedom, democracy and faith to stand as the three pillars to individual happiness and world peace. Read More

I Can

Ryuho Okawa teaches the relationship between faith and self-help to transform initiative into enduring success. Read More

The Hell You Never Knew

Since antiquity, we have been warned of the danger of falling prey to Hell, but from a modern lens, does this post death existence … exist? Knowing that actions have consequences, embrace salvation of your soul through constructive and mindful living. Read More

The Laws of Bronze

This 25th volume of Ryuho Okawa's "Laws Series" underscores the potency of faith as the salve to mend societal divides. Okawa defends the preservation of faith in the age of technological superiority and asserts that we can overcome insurmountable differences. Read More

The Challenge of The Mind

In this modern introduction to the essential teachings of the Buddha, Ryuho Okawa teaches how to integrate wisdom to nurture harmonious living and heighten spiritual awareness. This is a comprehensive guide to timeless Buddhist teachings. Read More