Religion & Spirituality

Spiritual wisdom and answers to the questions about love, faith & miracles

The Mystical Laws

Life after death, channeling, spiritual possession, occultism, UFOs ... Ryuho Okawa reveals the truths of the great universe. Read More

Miraculous Ways to Conquer Cancer

Cancer is curable! Cancer can be conquered! This book reveals how the mind creates cancer and the keys to overcome illnesses. Read More

Messages from Heaven

If you could speak to Jesus, Buddha, Moses, or Muhammad, what would you ask? Learn spiritual wisdom and answers to the questions of the divine - messages of love, faith, miracles, gratitude and forgiveness. Read More

Spiritual World 101

The definitive book on the Spirit World! A spiritual guidebook that will answer all your questions about the spiritual world, with illustrations and diagrams explaining about your guardian spirit and the secrets of God and Buddha. Read More

Basics of Exorcism

The truth regarding spiritual disturbance and the technique to cope with demons and evil spirits. Read More

The Laws of Wisdom

Guides you along the path on how to acquire wisdom, so that you can break through any wall you are or will confront in your life or business. Learn how to inspire great ideas, make effective planning strategies and polish your leadership skills. Read More

In Love with the Sun

After 600 million years, people shall know the true genesis. Through reading this book, you will see the magnificent scale of God's Law. Read More

Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of Ryuho Okawa

Ryuho Okawa summons Shakyamuni Buddha, which is his own past life and also his guardian consciousness, to introduce the main principle for building an ideal future society, the ideal form of religion and politics in respect to each other, and the conditions for a properly functioning democracy. Read More

The Laws of Perseverance

People who have left their mark on history did not necessarily sail smoothly through their lives. No matter how much you suffer, the Truth will gradually shine forth as you continue to endure hardships. Read More