Religion & Spirituality

Spiritual wisdom and answers to the questions about love, faith & miracles

Spiritual World 101

The definitive guidebook to the Spirit World, Ryuho Okawa answer the essential questions of the hereafter, with illustrations explaining our relationship with spirits and the secrets of God and Buddha. Read More

Basics of Exorcism

Ryuho Okawa frames the connection between unhappiness and mental distress with spiritual disturbance and teaches techniques to counter negative spiritual influences. Read More

The Laws of Wisdom

Ryuho Okawa guides you down the path to indomitable wisdom. Learn how to inspire great ideas, make effective planning strategies and heighten leadership. Read More

In Love with the Sun

After 600 million years, people shall know our true genesis. Ryuho and wife Shio Okawa frame the magnificent scale of God's Law. Read More

Spiritual Messages from the Guardian Spirit of Ryuho Okawa

Ryuho Okawa summons the spirit of Shakyamuni Buddha, to introduce the ideal state of religion and politics and the conditions for a properly functioning democracy. Read More

The Laws of Perseverance

People who have left their mark on history did not necessarily sail smoothly through life. No matter how much you suffer, the Truth will gradually shine forth as you continue to endure. Read More

Nelson Mandela’s Last Message to the World

Ryuho Okawa offers a glimpse into the mind of Nelson Mandela, whose undefeated spirit is a message of hope to us all. Read More

Secrets of the Everlasting Truths

Ryuho Okawa offers a glimpse of the vast universe created by God. Our planet will experience a decisive paradigm shift of "knowledge" and "truth," culminating in an era of paradoxical spirituality, where mastery of science will depend on spiritual knowledge. Read More

The Nine Dimensions

This is a window into the mind of our loving God, who designed this world and the vast hereafter as integral training for our souls. When the religions and cultures of the world discover the truth of our common spiritual origin, they will be inspired to accept their differences. Read More