Spiritual Message

Interviews with guiding spirits of historical and contemporary figures

Hong Kong Revolution

The withdrawal of the extradition bill will not mark the end. A Hong Kong Revolution is starting. The Hong Kong protests that are gathering the attention of the world. What is Xi Jinping plotting? How far is Agnes Chow willing to go? Read More

Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Joshua Wong

To those around the world who believe in God and pray for God's justice to be served, we hereby bring you the words of the guardian spirit of Joshua Wong. Let there be glory in the courage of Joshua Wong and the freedom of Hong Kong. Read More

Spiritual Messages from Oscar Wilde

The spirit of Oscar Wilde insists that we should be tolerant of the LGBT community. He offers helpful advice on to live happily and return to heavenly world post death. May this book serve as helpful reference for readers thinking about real love. Read More

Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Angela Merkel

This interview was recorded on September 28, 2018, just before Okawa traveled to Berlin and gave the lecture, "Love for the Future" on October 7. The interview was a religious journalism-style approach to find out what the German political leader was thinking deep down. Read More

UFOs Caught on Camera

In the summer of 2018, over 60 types of UFOs appeared before Ryuho Okawa. This book is a thorough analysis and commentary by Okawa, of the luminous objects visiting Earth. Read More

A Brief History of a Physicist’s Soul

This book contains extremely shocking, yet interesting content - a researcher who was at the cutting-edge of physics talks about his life after death. Read the pages, and you will know that religion and science are not meant to be against each other. Read More

The World After the Trump-Kim Summit

This book will show you the direction that the U.S. should head in order to solve the problems and continue to remain as the world leader in the 21st and the 22nd century. Read More

The Trump Resolution

From the standpoint of the leader of America, the great country of freedom and democracy, his subconscious shared his frank opinion on countries against world freedom and democracy, such as North Korea, China, Iran, Syria and Russia. Read More

Spiritual Messages from James Allen

James Allen wrote "As a Man Thinketh," often considered the greatest self-help book in the world, in 1903. What advice would he give to the modern people if he lived in 2017, more than a century after his days? Read More