Success & Management

Insight into achieving continuous success in the face of difficulty

The Art of Influence

Success depends on our ability to work with and motivate people around us. Ryuho Okawa shows how mastering the "art of influence" will help you become a hardier and influential leader. Become a luminary who can win the hearts of many! Read More

The Strong Mind

Ryuho Okawa shares how we can build toughness of the heart, develop richness of the mind and cultivate the power of perseverance. A "strong mind" is what we need to rise and move forward, no matter what difficulties we face. Read More

The Laws of Invincible Leadership

Ryuho Okawa shares essential principles for all who wish to become invincible leaders in span of influence. Let Okawa's enthusiasm for continuous development inspire you to become invincible in enterprise (and in life) to reach new heights of success. Read More

Invincible Thinking

A mindset of invincibility is the most powerful tool to transform any event or circumstance into wisdom for soul growth. Nourish your ambition to fulfill a purposeful existence and become a guiding light to inspire others. Read More

The Heart of Work

Success at work can bring great joy, but we find true delight when our tasks are imbued with passion and purpose. Ryuho Okawa introduces 10 keys to infuse purpose, value and wholehearted devotion to mastering our professional aspirations. Read More

Think Big!

All achievements are distilled from a single thought and realized by the courage to follow through. Ryuho Okawa inspires readers with practical steps to harden determination, cultivate awareness, improve decision making and harness creativity to actualize dreams. Read More

Introduction to Top Executive Management

Ryuho Okawa introduces a new management approach, based on the Buddhist concept of "egolessness," to nurture a leadership mindset that will motivate stakeholders and inspire excellence. Read More

Prosperity Thinking

Ryuho Okawa reveals the mindset that enabled him to grow Happy Science into a global organization. Okawa encourages businesses and governments to explore powerful new method of strategic thinking. Read More

Thinking Financially

Ryuho Okawa offers the essence of financial thinking to guide commercial and non-profits organizations to remain sustainable, while pursuing new thresholds of business development. Read More