The Law Series

Okawa's renowned anthology of spiritual teachings

The Laws of Hope

Filled with words of inspiration and courage, this celebration of self-empowerment carries forth Okawa's sacred desire to deliver hope to the masses. Okawa encourages readers to spur constructive societal change through benevolent “missions of light.” Read More

The Laws of Happiness

The eighth volume of Ryuho Okawa’s celebrated "Laws Series," and endeavors to answer the question, “What is true happiness?” Okawa outlines pragmatic steps to revitalize ambition to lead a happier and meaningful life. Read More

The Laws of Steel

"Steel" refers to our true strength as children of God and our divine right to happiness. We can overcome conflicting values and cast a new societal framework based on spiritual Truth and respect for God's masterful intentions. Read More

The Laws of Great Enlightenment

In this unique guide to enlightenment, author Ryuho Okawa presents Buddha's awakening in a modern light to frame how we can all achieve enlightenment in this multifaceted digital age. With Okawa as your mentor, life's answers will be unveiled. Read More

The Laws of Bronze

This 25th volume of Ryuho Okawa's "Laws Series" underscores the potency of faith as the salve to mend societal divides. Okawa defends the preservation of faith in the age of technological superiority and asserts that we can overcome insurmountable differences. Read More

The Laws of the Sun

Life's fundamental questions are finally answered! Ryuho Okawa uses his six divine supernatural powers to see the past, present and future to introduce the framework of "Laws" that govern the universe. Build a new era of spirituality based on the "Age of the Sun." Read More

The Laws of Faith

Ryuho Okawa preaches at the core of a new universal religion, that aligns logical and spiritual reasoning with contemporary events and modes of thought. Learn to champion diversity and mend differences to foster an era of peace and prosperity. Read More

The Laws of Invincible Leadership

Ryuho Okawa shares essential principles for all who wish to become invincible leaders in span of influence. Let Okawa's enthusiasm for continuous development inspire you to become invincible in enterprise (and in life) to reach new heights of success. Read More

The Laws of Mission

Discover and unleash the power of our divine purpose. Ryuho Okawa's inspiring message delivers thought provoking breakthroughs to inspire spiritual awareness across diverse provinces and champions spiritual development in a secular age. Read More