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As a mini compass to lead us in the right direction, we recommend reading the Words for Life which compiles 100 easy-to-read and essential phrases. Take some time to flip through the pages and ponder the words, it will give you the power to improve yourself and your life!

“I hope you'll browse the book
in trains, buses, or before going to sleep,
meditate on the phrases and reflect on yourself.”

—From Afterword

Ryuho Okawa, the internationally renowned author, has written over 3,100 books on various topics, including life, religion, world affairs, business management, happiness, and so on.

To help readers find the teachings that are beneficial for them out of the extensive teachings, the author has written 100 phrases and put them together in this book.

We recommend that you keep this book by your side or by your pillow. Casually flip to a page, ponder on the words of wisdom that catch your eyes, and contemplate on yourself.

A simple routine like this will surely help you improve your mindset, change you into a more capable and insightful person, and lead you to live a meaningful and happy life.

Inside you will find words of wisdom that will help you in these situations:
- When you are scolded or criticized
- When you envy someone
- When you are suffering from romantic relationships
- When you are self-conscious of your appearance
- When you want to open new doors to the future, etc

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Only those who preorder will receive a special teaching movie. It's not for sale, so take advantage of this opportunity!

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Only those who reserve a copy will receive a special thought-provoking notebook made especially for the book.

Mini-Seminar Vol.1
Mini-Seminar Vol.1
Mini-Seminar Vol.1

Let's do a Mini-seminar, a little contemplative meditation in just 10 mins!This is the 1st mini-seminar in a 3 part series, we will read from Volume 1 of the new "book of sayings" by Master Ryuho Okawa called "Words for Life". If you want to see the movie, subscribe to our emails!

Author & World Teacher

Ryuho  Okawa

Ryuho Okawa is internationally recognized as a global visionary, best-selling author, revered World Teacher, the founder and CEO of Happy Science Group (a global utopian movement) with one simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world. Okawa's deep compassion and sense of responsibility for the happiness of each individual has prompted him to publish over 3,100 titles of religious, spiritual, and self-development teachings covering a broad range of topics including how our thoughts influence reality, the nature of love, and the path to enlightenment.

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Ryuho Okawa, book

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Happy Customers

Every concise word was like a stake inserted into my heart, and I felt my mind and conduct naturally become aligned as I read it. I would like to read this book repeatedly in the future.

I realized that the phrase "always looking for an escape, a back-and-forth person" is exactly me...This book has given me the opportunity to learn about a side of myself that I never knew existed.

It was a book that allowed me to face my own mind, as if I were talking to my other true self. After reading the book, I felt a strange exhilaration and wanted everyone to read it.

Reading this book made me realize that I had been wearing invisible armor without knowing it. After reading it I took my first big breath in a long time and felt very relaxed.

Those who can't help but see others as fools are never wise." shocked me like a spear in my heart the moment I read it. It was a book that made me realize the parts of myself I didn't like that I wasn't even aware of, and gave me clues to move forward one step more.

At first I focused only on the bad parts of other people, thinking this applies to that person, but in fact that was exactly what I was doing. I felt a little remorseful and refreshed because I had been blaming others all the time without realizing it.

At first I thought the book would be simpler, but when I actually read it, I was a bit shocked to find that it was simple but to the point, and that I had built up a shell of myself without realizing it. I think it's a good book for many people.

 Our Best Seller

The Essence of Buddha: The Path to Enlightenment

The Essence of Buddha offers a contemporary interpretation of the way to enlightenment in simple and easy words, written by a highly revered Japanese spiritual leader, Ryuho Okawa. The fundamental tenets of the Buddhist understanding of life, such as the Eightfold Path, the Six Paramitas and the Laws of Causality are clearly explained in modern and accessible terms, along with the need for self-reflection, the nature of karma, the truth of reincarnation, and other teachings of the Buddha. The path towards enlightenment is an expansion of consciousness, moving from material concerns to an increased awareness of the unseen spiritual reality. This book will be a concise guidebook for beginners to adepts as a path to happiness through self-growth and contributing towards a better world.

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