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A Brief History of a Physicist’s Soul

His Struggle with Faith and the Universe

A famous English theoretical physicist passed away in March 2018. Three weeks later, his spirit appeared before Ryuho Okawa, the world's most advanced psychic in Japan. A Brief History of a Physicist's Soul is a record of the spiritual interview session with the spirit. Why did the scientist, who had been doing research on the universe, come to a religious master? What did he talk about after experiencing "a new universe" called the Spirit World following his passing? He did not fully believe in Heaven or the afterlife when he was alive, but did he change his belief? What did he say as he reflected back on his life of struggle with a difficult illness?

This book contains extremely shocking, yet interesting content - a researcher who was at the cutting-edge of physics talks about his life after death. Read the pages, and you will know that religion and science are not meant to be against each other.