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A New Message from Barack Obama

Interviewing the Guardian Spirit of the President of the United States

In April 2014, President Obama embarked on his fifth trip to Asia during his time in office to discuss the pressing issues in the Asia-pacific region. A week before his Asia trip, Master Ryuho Okawa held a spiritual interview with Barack Obama, which revealed his true objectives of his Asia tour and about his thoughts on current affairs in the world. What is President Obama's vision of America's role in the world today? Why does he believe that America is not the world's policeman? This spiritual interview reveals President Obama's stance on international relations including America's relationship with China, the Ukraine crisis and Islamic extremism. It also discloses his honest feelings about Japanese Prime Minister Abe and Russian President Putin. Now that America is "on the verge of crisis," as the guardian spirit of President Obama says in this interview, we all need to think about how we can achieve security, justice and peace in the world without the "world's policeman."

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IRH Press Co., Ltd. (May 15, 2014)
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