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China’s Secret Military Bases

A Remote-Viewing Investigation of Suspicious Satellite Images

China's Secret Military Bases: A Remote-Viewing Investigation of Suspicious Satellite Images is one in a series of remote viewings conducted by Master Ryuho Okawa. Master Okawa conducted this remote viewing to investigate a set of mysterious Google images of China's Gobi desert. The facts that Master Okawa retrieved through this remote viewing reveal that some of these images are closely connected to China's military development and provide astonishing proof that Chinese technological and military advancements are progressing much more quickly than world leaders might have anticipated. Master Okawa found that these images were photographs of top-secret military facilities that have been strategically designed for an all-out war with the United States. One site is a large nuclear weapons launching site that contains more than 150 missiles - many of them pointed at major or strategic cities in the United States and Japan.

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