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Have Faith in Great America

Liberty and World Justice for All: President Obama's Weak America Could Trigger a Global Crisis

Have Faith in Great America: Liberty and World Justice for All is Master Ryuho Okawa's earnest message to the United States of America. The world's future depends on America's fulfillment of its long-held sacred mission of protecting the faith, liberty, and justice of people and nations around the world, and on the development of strong bonds between the United States and Japan. Today, the course of world history has reached a critical turning point. We all saw 2012's most pivotal events come to pass this month: the reelection of United States President Barack Obama, as well as Xi Jinping's selection as the next president of China, which marks the beginning of an entire decade under his authority. Today, the world continues to face crises on many planes. The turbulent state of world economics, politics, and religious coexistence has prompted Master Ryuho Okawa to provide truthful and factual information regarding the intentions and plans of our world's leaders. The world is indeed "standing in the middle of a crisis." America will face a near-crisis when the fiscal cliff arrives, and Japan and other Asian countries are on the verge of being invaded by China. America, still the reigning superpower, and its president will face the inevitable challenges of making critical decisions that will have lasting effects around the world. The world's future depends on America and Japan.