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HS Press Religion & SpiritualitySelf-help & Happiness The Importance of the Exploration of the Right Mind

The Importance of the Exploration of the Right Mind

The basic teaching of Happy Science is The exploration of the Right Mind. The significance of this book is in that it covers the exploration of the Right Mind for the citizen based on a macro-perspective understanding, with whom true sovereignty lies, in addition to the way to explore the Right Mind for the individual religious practitioner.

The macro-perspective that Master Okawa mentions in this book is mainly about the historical recognition after World War II. Master states, "In fact, there was an aspect to the last war as a 'revolution' to put an end to white supremacy and create a society where blacks, Asians and Caucasians were fundamentally equal. We must not forget this aspect."

It is not just about Japan. Master states as follows:

From an international perspective, I think that it is unfair to report the Japanese Prime Minister's visit to Yasukuni Shrine as if it were a ceremony to bring back the devil." He also makes a proposal: "America is the world's most powerful country, but as a consequence of its power, it needs to think about an accurate view of history, and it is important that it takes a good look at itself. By doing this, it could probably extinguish the hatred which stems from different views of history held by Asian countries, which could spark future war.

This is a must-read book in which Master delivers the true historical perception and God's justice on a global scale, and teaches the Right Mind for humankind from 2014 onward.