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A Warning to South Korea's President

Park Chung-hee's spirit shares his opinions on the roles of South Korea, Japan, the United States, China, and North Korea. What are his thoughts on the Takeshima island dispute, China's ... Read More

Steve Jobs Returns with His Secrets

Ryuho Okawa offers a glimpse into the mind of one of America's modern geniuses. What was the aesthetic philosophy behind his passionate drive to create products that he described as ... Read More

The Laws of Perseverance

People who have left their mark on history did not necessarily sail smoothly through life. No matter how much you suffer, the Truth will gradually shine forth as you continue ... Read More

For the Future of Thailand and Japan

Ryuho Okawa's presents a spiritual message from the guardian spirit of Yingluck Shinawatra to nurture prosperous relations between Thailand and Japan. Read More

South Korea's Conspiracy

While South Koreans continue to accuse Japan of having wronged their nation, Ryuho Okawa hopes that these interviews will provide a truthful understanding of the historical events between Japan and ... Read More

Nelson Mandela's Last Message to the World

Ryuho Okawa offers a glimpse into the mind of Nelson Mandela, whose undefeated spirit is a message of hope to us all. Read More

Unmasking Ban Ki-Moon's Biased Stance

U.N. Secretary General's true character and intentions behind his important peacemaking responsibilities. Read More

The Syrian Crisis

The Syrian dictator's true character is quite different from what we saw in his CBS interview. As the world braces for a possible world war, Ryuho Okawa provides us with ... Read More

The Just Cause in the Iraq War

Is President Obama correct that the Iraq War was an unjust war, as he claimed during the 2012 presidential race? Did Saddam Hussein truly have no weapons of mass destruction, ... Read More