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The Iran-Israel Crisis

Ryuho Okawa offers telling evidence - to people of all religious persuasions, cultures and nationalities - that the world needs a deeper understanding of spiritual truths to allay long-standing misunderstandings. Read More

China's Secret Military Bases

Ryuho Okawa's remote viewing of China's Gobi desert, revealing China's military development. Chinese technological and military advancements are progressing faster than world leaders have anticipated. Read More

President Putin and the Future of Russia

Ryuho Okawa's first spiritual interview with Vladimir Putin, who conveys intention to build closer ties with the United States and dispel wayward Cold War sentiments. Putin also relays uncertainty of China's growing influence and interaction with the global community. Read More

Have Faith in Great America

Ryuho Okawa's earnest message to the United States of America. The world's future depends on America's fulfillment of its long-held sacred mission of protecting faith, liberty, and justice of people and nations. Read More

China's Hidden Agenda

Xi Jinping reveals his confidence and shows us that we should not underestimate his skill as a tactician. Read More

2012 Will the World Really End?

King Montezuma and Quetzalcoatl disclose valuable hints regarding spiritual secrets behind the Mayan prophecy, as well as the meaning of the major political events of 2012. Read More

The Next President

This spiritual interview uncovers the honest and true intentions of the three 2012 Republican leaders vying for the GOP presidential nomination. Read More

The Laws of Courage

Hands-on guidance for important life lessons, including balancing friendship and close relationships, broader themes of right and wrong, how to find providence in failures, and the ultimate truth about human existence. Read More