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The Decision Toward Prosperity

Okawa discusses Japanese politics, but the universal philosophy behind his words will surely enlighten readers in other countries too. This is the guidebook that will help the world realize prosperity for the next 300 years. Read More

Samurai President of the Philippines

A spiritual interview with the subconscious of President Duterte, and reveals that he is the reincarnation of the internationally renowned, proud Japanese military officer. Read More

7 Future Predictions

Seven near-future predictions that could occur as a result of the presidential election, as well as the future of the EU, Islamic countries, China and North Korea. Read More

The Laws of Hope

This book offers various simple tips to find happiness. By practicing these tips, you can find hope in your future and you, yourself, will be the light to illuminate the world. Read More

Healing Power

This book clearly describes the relationship between the mind and illness, and provides you with hints to restore your mental and physical health. Read More

Introduction to Top Executive Management

A one-of-a-kind management textbook that provides you with management knowledge and teaches you a great mindset that has a close connection to the state of non-ego in Buddhism. Read More

The Truth about WWII

Examines (in the court of spiritual history), whether the Tokyo Trials were impartial and whether Justice Pal's decision was a mistake, considering the last 70 years of modern history. Read More

The Origin of Love

Ryuho Okawa answers this question by referring to the "Origin of Love" in relation to the secret of eternal life. When you understand the Truth about love, you will be awakened to the wonder of being given life, and you will be filled with love for those around you. Read More