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A Spiritual Interview with the Leader of ISIL, al-Baghdadi

A Spiritual Interview with the Leader of ISIL, al-Baghdadi is a record of a spiritual conversation with the hidden consciousness of the ISIL leader, conducted using the method of religious journalism. Read More

For the Love of the Country

The spirit of Colonel Kunio Nakagawa, garrison commander of Peleliu Island, tells us the untold story of the historical battle between the U.S. Marine Corps and the Japanese forces via spiritual interview. Read More

Alien Invasion

This book reveals alien’s plan to invade the Earth and how to counter them. Read More

Thinking Financially

Offers the essence of financial thinking that is needed in developmental stages of companies or non-profit organizations, from their launching to expanding and growing into big organizations. Read More

Learning the Spirit of the Founder of Happy Science University Part I (Overview)

Happy Science University (HSU) is a religious institution for higher education, founded with an aim to create a new civilization. The founder, Ryuho Okawa, passionately talks about the founding spirit of HSU and the challenge of religious Truth. Read More

The Mystical Laws

Life after death, channeling, spiritual possession, occultism, UFOs ... Ryuho Okawa reveals the truths of the great universe. Read More

Miraculous Ways to Conquer Cancer

Cancer is curable! Cancer can be conquered! This book reveals how the mind creates cancer and the keys to overcome illnesses. Read More

Spiritual World 101

The definitive book on the Spirit World! A spiritual guidebook that will answer all your questions about the spiritual world, with illustrations and diagrams explaining about your guardian spirit and the secrets of God and Buddha. Read More

What Really Happened in Nanking

The second book on Nanking Massacre using a religious journalism-type approach, this time with the spirit of General Iwane Matsui, main figure and the one responsible for the Battle of Nanking. Read More