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Ryuho Okawa – A Political Revolutionary

Founder of Happy Science, Ryuho Okawa presents guiding principles on the topics of economy, finance, nuclear power, foreign diplomacy, social welfare, and society. Read More

Are Islamic Extremists Jihadists or Terrorists?

Are the attacks by Islamic extremist groups like al-Qaeda and the organization led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar unjust acts of terror? Or are they justified acts of a holy war, as the self-proclaimed jihadists claim? Read More

The Secret Behind “The Rape of Nanking”

Confession and apology by Iris Chang, for the unfounded assertions in her 1997 book "The Rape of Nanking." Read More

On Happiness Revolution

Ryuho Okawa's in-depth analyses of these messages give us the tools that we need to understand and confront the dangers that lie ahead of us. Read More

The Genius of Ichiro

Reveals the "making of Ichiro Suzuki," including the secrets to his professionalism, his techniques for overcoming slumps, and how he became a record breaking Major League Baseball player. Read More

A New Message from Vladimir Putin

The most recent spiritual message from the guardian spirit of President Putin, the politician who is the center of attention of not just the people of Russia but of the whole world. Read More

The Manifesto of the Happiness Realization Party

This book is a historical declaration to change the world through a peaceful revolution by the philosophy and speech based on the Truth, rather than by violence or massacre. Read More

The Basic Teachings of Happy Science

Ryuho Okawa summarizes the evolving teachings of Happy Science with contemporary examples and perspectives, to excite and inspire audiences anew. Learn why Truth, Faith and Mission that are indispensible to achieve happiness. Read More

The New Idea of a University

Ryuho Okawa, the author and founder of Happy Science University, shares his vision for Happy Science. This groundbreaking philosophy will provide unique values to the existing academic world and greatly advance the function and the role of universities in society. Read More