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The Truth of Nanking and Comfort Women Issues

Did the so-called "Nanking Massacre" and the military comfort women forcefully taken by the Japanese troops actually exist as historical facts? In this book, we attempt to investigate whether the two events actually took place by using a new method. Read More

A New Message from Barack Obama

What is President Obama's vision of America's role in the world today? Why does he believe that America is not the world's policeman? This spiritual interview reveals President Obama's stance on international relations including America's relationship with China, the Ukraine crisis and Islamic extremism. Read More

The New Diplomatic Strategies of Sir Winston Churchill

This book contains a record of an interview conducted with the spirit of former British Prime Minister Churchill by Ryuho Okawa in March 2014. It is a record of an interview on issues related to the “next appearance of Hitler,” and on current international affairs. Read More

The Art of Business Revitalization

Ryuho Okawa conducts spiritual interviews with three of the greatest executives of our time. General Electric’s Jack Welch, Renault and Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn, and Microsoft’s Bill Gates give readers a glimpse into how they took hold of opportunities and turned them into successes. Read More

Was Dropping the Atomic Bombs a Crime Against Humanity?

Ryuho Okawa conducted spiritual interviews with Harry S. Truman and Franklin D. Roosevelt, the two presidents who presided over the United States' participation in World War II. Could anything justify the use of nuclear weapons on civilians? This book reveals valuable information that will help the world gain a truthful understanding of world history. Read More

Japan! Regain Your Samurai Spirit

This book is the record of interviews conducted on Former President of Taiwan Lee Teng-hui's subconsciousin February 2014. His true thoughts, as well as the truth on modern East-Asian history, were revealed in these interviews. Read More

Diplomatic Strategy for Japan, U.S. and China

An astonishing relation between Admiral Perry and Okazaki is revealed. By reading this book, you will come to know what Admiral Perry thinks on the current situation of the world, and the relation between Japan and the United States, 160 years later since he opened up Japan which was in seclusion. Read More

Why I am Anti-Japan

This book is the record of interviews conducted on President Park's subconsciousin February2014. Her true thoughts, as well as the truth on modern Japan-Korea history, were revealed in these interviews. Read More

A Warning to South Korea’s President

Park Chung-hee's spirit shares his opinions on the roles of South Korea, Japan, the United States, China, and North Korea in the global context. What are his thoughts on the Takeshima island dispute, the comfort-women issue, China's future prospects, and the direction South Korea should take as a country? Read More