Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Pope Francis

The Vatican Agonizes over the Coronavirus Pandemic

Whether you've lost hope in Christianity or are a devout Catholic, this book is for you. Deep in the subconscious of Pope Francis are his hopelessness, goodwill, and limit as a human being amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. You may find his truthful and honest words to be a reflection of your questions or doubts against the Christian teachings and churches.

Simply put, the guardian spirit of Pope Francis is in agony because he can't tell where the will of Jesus lies and because he can't hear the answers to his prayers. This book mentions, in part, the answers to the coronavirus pandemic from Jesus, who is now in heaven. For more, please read Jesus Christ's Answers to the Coronavirus Pandemic that we already published. By reading these two books, you will be able to understand the true will of Jesus and the faith in true God, both of which Christianity has lost.

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The Old Religions are in Decline

The Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Pope Francis is, as the subtitle suggests, a work that explores the agony and state of confusion in which Pope Francis and the Vatican are presently embedded in. Readers may benefit from reading Jesus Christ’s Answers to the Coronavirus Pandemic in… Read More