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Samurai President of the Philippines

Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Rodrigo Duterte

"Donald Trump of the Philippines", "Duterte Harry" - these are nicknames given to the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, and both portray him as a strong American man. However, he needs another nickname that takes origin in Japan, a country that is as equally on good terms with the Philippines as America, and that shares a strategic partnership with the Philippines.

Samurai President of the Philippines contains the spiritual interview with the subconscious of President Duterte, and reveals that the president is the reincarnation of the internationally renowned, proud Japanese military officer. The secret to his hard-lined leadership of executing over one thousand drug offenders lies in his past life as a Japanese general who fought a deadly battle. Here is the nature of his soul and the true mind of the "samurai president" who will be a key person in Asia from now on.