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South Korea’s Conspiracy

President Park's Hidden Agenda to Unite with China

In this spiritual interview, we begin by speaking with the spirit of An Jung-geun before moving on to a conversation with the guardian spirit of President Park, who forced herself into the interview out of fear that the interview will reveal the truth about him. Through these conversations, Master Ryuho Okawa tries to discover the facts about the assassination of Ito Hirobumi to determine whether An Jung-geun can justifiably be hailed as a hero. Was it truly a patriotic act to assassinate Ito Hirobumi, who actively opposed the Japanese annexation of Korea? Ito Hirobumi was an important political figure who represented Japan's protection of Korea from Russian domination during the Russo-Japanese War. Did assassinating him truly serve the happiness of the Korean people? While South Koreans continue to accuse Japan of having wronged their nation, Master Okawa hopes that these interviews will provide a truthful understanding of the historical events between Japan and South Korea. He hopes that by revealing the truth, these interviews will help the international community understand the nature of true international justice.