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Spiritual Interview with Bruce Lee

The Resurrection of the Dragon

Spiritual Interview with Bruce Lee: The Resurrection of the Dragon is one of the Spiritual Interview series by Ryuho Okawa. Okawa interviewed the spirit of famous movie actor Bruce Lee (1940-1973) in July 2017, after Lee's spirit contacted Okawa and asked him to record a spiritual interview session.

In the book, Bruce Lee speaks about his own kung fu philosophy that he had deepened further after his death, as well as the truth of his young death and the mission of his soul. Here, we present you, martial artists and Bruce Lee fans all over the world who respect him even after his death over 40 years ago, the truth revealed by the "Dragon" who is still fighting evil in the Spirit World.

Religion & Spirituality, Spiritual Message
IRH Press Company Limited (November 30, 2017)
ISBN 10: 1943869340
ISBN 13: 978-1943869343
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