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Spiritual Messages from Oscar Wilde

Love, Beauty, and LGBT

Spiritual Messages from Oscar Wilde: Love, Beauty, and LGBT is a spiritual message from the soul of Oscar Wilde, received by Ryuho Okawa. In the book, Wilde speaks freely on why he wrote The Happy Prince, one of his most celebrated works. Furthermore, he talks of his pursuit of "real love" while living as a homosexual in the Victorian era.

In a convincing and rational explanation to gender identity disorder, the spirit of Oscar Wide frames that, "Human souls reincarnate. When they are born into the male body, they become men, and when they are born into the female body, they become women. Men and women are not fixed. Therefore, when someone who was born as a woman in her past life is reborn into the body of a man, the person could love a man."

The spirit of Oscar Wilde advocates that we should be tolerant of the LGBT community and offers helpful advice on how to live joyfully and aspire to return to Heaven after death. May this book serve as helpful reference for readers pondering genuine love.