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Spiritual Messages from Samuel Smiles

Tips for Self-Help in the modern age

Samuel Smiles, the author of Self-Help wrote this masterpiece in the 19th century. If Smiles were still alive today, and saw what the world has come to, what would he think and say? What kind of advice would he give to England, his home country after witnessing the the Brexit issue? Discover new insight from Samuel Smiles to reinvigorate this modern age.

Additional themes explored in this text:

  • The reason Samuel Smiles wrote Self-Help
  • A new insight on the usage of smartphones
  • There is "good liberal" and "bad liberal"
  • The future of England post-Brexit
  • Astonishing spiritual truths of the British Royal Family and the Church of England
  • What he thinks about China's prosperity

Adaptation and Perpetual Self-Improvement

Introducing Spiritual Messages from Samuel Smiles: Tips for Self-Help in the Modern Age a book that presents an archetypal dialogue with one of the sources of the self-help movement. The term “self-help” originates in the book of the same name, first published in 1859 by Scottish…