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HS Press Higher Education The Basic Teachings of Happy Science

The Basic Teachings of Happy Science

A Happiness Theory on Truth and Faith

Is it possible to consolidate the content of 1,500 books into one? The author of this book, Master Ryuho Okawa is the founder of Happy Science, a religious organization in Japan which has members in more than 100 countries. Since 1985, within a span of around 30 years, he has published more than 1,500 books, an astounding number in countries all over the world and established the fundamental teachings of Happy Science.

In this book, the author teaches us what the basic teachings of Happy Science are among the vast amount of teachings he has already given us. However, if one reaches for this book in the hope to read a summary of the 1,500 books, you may realize something much better than expected. In the book, Master Ryuho Okawa says the following:

If the teachings are summarized too rigidly now, there is the possibility that I may become unable to teach the Laws in the future, so I intend to teach what I think is important at any particular time. In this way, I will keep on saying what I have to say without being bound by what I have taught in the past. Although I have been giving lectures for nearly 30 years now, my mission is still not complete. If I continue to do this, I think that our teaching will continue to evolve.

Ryuho Okawa, Preface

Ryuho Okawa summarizes the evolving teachings of Happy Science with contemporary examples and perspectives, to excite and inspire audiences anew. Learn why Truth, Faith and Mission that are indispensible to achieve happiness.

  • Higher Education
  • IRH Press Co., Ltd. (June 4, 2014)
  • ISBN 10: 1937673936
  • ISBN 13: 978-1937673932