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The Laws of Perseverance

Reversing Your Common Sense

I have cited many examples from the four great saints - Shakyamuni Buddha, Jesus Christ, Socrates and Confucius - to Jan Hus, Joan of Arc, Lincoln and Shoin Yoshida. People who have left their mark on history did not necessarily sail smoothly through their lives. No matter how much you suffer, the Truth will gradually shine forth as you continue to endure hardships. Therefore, simply strengthen your mind and keep making constant efforts in times of endurance, however ordinary they may be. Eventually, you will come out of your slump and overcome your hardships. And, as you try and aim to reverse the common sense, you will one day understand that people can be "undefeated" even if they seem to have lost in this world. In that process, you may sometimes feel that virtue is being generated. We have already gone beyond the limits of the common sense of this world. All we can do is to keep fighting with an indomitable heart.