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The Truth of the Pacific War

Soulful Messages from Hideki Tojo, Japan's Wartime Leader

Next year (2015) is the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. The post-war world has been revolving around the historical recognition of the winners of World War II, mainly the United States of America. This historical recognition is the perspective which views the defeated nations of the war as fascist and criminal nations who conducted an invasive war. This perspective also views that justice was with the winners.

In this book, we provide you with the material needed to rethink whether or not the perception of World War II by the winners was right, through looking back on history starting with the current world affairs. This is all necessary for us to get a thorough understanding of ongoing confusion in the world and to seek the path of peace, stability and progress of future humankind.

The material provided is a new testimony by General Hideki Tojo, who is enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine and who was Japan's most significant figure in the Pacific War. Furthermore, we have also recorded a testimony by Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers Douglas MacArthur in order to ensure a fair argument.

The most distinct feature of this book is that both Tojo and MacArthur, who are watching and listening to current events on earth from the Spirit World even now, spoke about historical recognition from the perspective of the current era and also stated their own ideas. This became possible thanks to the great spiritual abilities by Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science. Dear reader, please discard any prejudice you may have toward a special procedure called "spiritual messages" and read the opinions of the two spirits with an open heart. And please judge with an impartial mind whether Tojo is a demonic figure as told by China and South Korea. Please think with an impartial mind where MacArthur's true intent lay in his Japanese occupation policy.

According to a spiritual investigation by Happy Science, Tojo is originally one of the Japanese gods. MacArthur is a god (high spirit) as well. Therefore, it can be said that both of these two men who fought on either side of Japan and the U.S. each displayed a part of God's justice. Based on this, it can also be said that the Pacific War was not a clear-cut battle between good and evil; it was a hegemonic war to determine the world's strongest, between Japan and the U.S., who were rivals rapidly growing on both sides of the Pacific.

In this book, Tojo's spirit appeals in tears: "They can sentence me to hang and treat me like a devil from Hell, but under no circumstances will I ever accept that the Japanese army broke military rules and committed repeated pillage and acts of violence!" In contrast, MacArthur's spirit gives a truly down-to-earth advice regarding Japan's national defense: "What Japan should do is to enhance its defense capability little by little at the level of conventional weapons while also sticking firmly to the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty. The important point is to enhance its defense capability smoothly, in such a way as to not alarm other nations."

We can gain hints on global justice that will lead humankind in and beyond the 21st century by doing the following. Reading and comparing the two high spirits' opinions on justice from the current perspective, a perspective from the time period 70 years after World War II, and integrating them. We hope that this book will serve as your reference when you think about future world affairs.