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UFOs Caught on Camera

A Spiritual Investigation of the Luminous Objects Visiting Earth

International best-selling author Ryuho Okawa publishes UFOs Caught on Camera, a digest of over 60 documented sightings of "Luminous Earth Objects" witnessed by Okawa during the Summer of 2018. Documented sightings occurred between July 4th to September 24th and were observed by Okawa and close confidants, who captured footage of UFO activity over the skies of Tokyo, Gunma, Saitama and Tokushima, Japan.

The first of its kind, UFOs Caught on Camera, employs Okawa's honed spiritual and physic ability to gather unprecedented information behind the intelligence, with vivid details of spacecraft configuration, the sector of origin, passenger description, and observable sentiment regarding Earth and its inhabitants.

UFOs Caught on Camera, is Okawa's third English publication on "Space People Readings" and features over sixty documented UFO cases with spiritual readings from beings of Vega, Altair, Pleiades and observations from over 20 sectors of planets and constellations.

Discern their shapes. Learn their intentions. Discover the objects traversing our skies.
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