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What Really Happened in Nanking

Spiritual Interview with Iwane Matsui

The second book on Nanking Massacre using a religious journalism-type approach.

The so-called "Nanking Massacre" is the incident which the Chinese government claims the Japanese forces conducted during the Battle of Nanking in 1937. In June 2014, the Chinese government submitted an application to register the historical sources on this incident into UNESCO's Memory of the World. Will the application be accepted or rejected? We shall find out around this coming summer.

However, whether this massacre actually happened or not has been questioned by many. The incident spread throughout the world back in 1997, when the Chinese-American Iris Chang published The Rape of Nanking. Ever since its release, researchers have pointed out many discrepancies in the content and photos contained in the book. Unfortunately, historians and journalists can no longer verify the truth of its contents because she died an unusual death in her car, back in 2004.

Taking these into account, Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science proved that Iris Chang's book was a fraud by "spiritual message" which is a type of religious journalism. [See The Secret Behind The Rape of Nanking: A Spiritual Confession by Iris Chang (New York: IRH Press, 2014).]

Here is another spiritual interview book, this time with the spirit of General Iwane Matsui, main figure and the one responsible for the Battle of Nanking. We verified with him what really happened in Nanking at the time. Readers who respect justice and fairness will surely, without exception, feel the truth in his testimony.

We sincerely hope you determine, as a juror in the court of true history, which side justice lies on.