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Titles that are available in bookstores and online

The Royal Road of Life

In these pages, Okawa frames a way of life to master the mind through developing character, chiseled by dignity, wisdom and morality, while keeping a perspective of heaven and spirituality. Read More

The Laws of Great Enlightenment

Addresses the core problems of life that people often struggle with and offers advice on how to overcome them based on spiritual truths. Read More

Love for the Future

While conflicting values of justice exists, this book espouses that freedom and democracy are vital principles for global unification that will resolutely foster peace and shared prosperity, if adopted universally. Read More

The Hell You Never Knew

Since antiquity, we have been warned of the danger of falling prey to Hell, but from a modern lens, does this post death existence exist? If so, who is destined to languish there? Read More

Worry-free Living

Author Ryuho Okawa offers essential spiritual solutions for developing mindsets and perspectives that allow us to cultivate peace of mind even as we go through life's array of difficult experiences. Read More

The Laws of Bronze

The 25th volume of the "Laws of Series" by Ryuho Okawa. This book is a compilation of five lectures that Okawa gave in 2017 and 2018, each presenting a new way of life for all of us living on Earth today. Read More

The Art of Influence

Ryuho Okawa shows how mastering the art of influence will help you become a tougher, influential, and stress-free leader who can win the hearts of many and bring positive change to yourself as well as those around you. Read More

The Challenge of The Mind

A guide to exploring the infinite potential of our mind from Buddha's perspective. Ryuho Okawa shows how we can apply the essential teachings of Buddha to our lives and cultivate deep wisdom and promote a happy, peaceful everyday life. Read More

The Laws of the Sun

Ryuho Okawa answers life's essential questions by offering his remarkable account of the framework of the "Laws" that govern the universe. Okawa explains how and why the Creator designed the universe and all things within it and shows us how living in accord with the Truths gives us the power to change our lives and transform our planet. Read More