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How to Become a Creative Person

How can we become creative when we feel we are not naturally creative?

This book provides easy to follow universal and hands-on-rules to become a creative person in work and life. These methods were proven by the success of the author who founded Happy Science in 1986, gave more than 3,000 lectures, published more than 2,800 books, established educational institutions (middle and high schools and a university), launched a publishing company, a political party, and has more than 12 million followers worldwide. These methods of becoming creative are certain to bring you success in work and life.

Discover the secret ingredient for becoming truly creative.

How to Become a Creative Person

This book talks about not only becoming creative in a line of work but becoming creative in every aspect of life in the long run. 1. What is the Power of the Mind? Are our thoughts simply arbitrary things that come and go without a practical…