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Invitation to Happiness

7 Inspirations from Your Inner Angel

Are you searching for joy, inspiration or a deeper spiritual connection? What if you found it wasn't around you or in others - but already within you. This book is your personal invitation and path to finding happiness, and a more authentic life.

Please join you, in a new discovery of self and perspective. It's not only an invitation; it's an introduction to the driving force that guides you through life and the secret to living true to you ... your inner angel. Inside these pages are easy-to-use tools to get there, including easy-to-use practices for introspection; guided visualizations; tips for contemplation; simple step-by-step action plans; and discovery journal space to record inspirations from your inner angel.

Through reading contemplating and writing, you will find a path to your truest self.

Self Growth, Wellness
IRH Press (November 7, 2015)
ISBN 10: 1942125011
ISBN 13: 978-1942125013
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To enhance your experience, please download the FREE meditation music that accompanies the chapter exercises found in this book.

Music for Invitation to Happiness was composed by the artist Yuichi Mizusawa (MIZ). Music by MIZ is available for purchase on iTunes.