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Invitation to Happiness

7 Inspirations from Your Inner Angel

Accept your invitation to joyful and authentic living. This beautifully ornate book presents practical tools for creating new habits to live a more a carefree, grounded, spiritual life. Through 7 inspirations, you will be guided to the angel within you - the force that supports you to be courageous, inspired and true to yourself. You will find all the tools that you need to live more confidently, peacefully and authentically.

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy!

  • Easy-to-use practices for introspection
  • Brief, guided visualizations
  • Journal space for recording inspirations from your inner angel
  • Tips for contemplation
  • Simple step-by-step action plans

Music for Inspiration

To enhance your experience, please download the FREE meditation music that accompanies the chapter exercises found in this book.

Music for Invitation to Happiness was composed by the artist Yuichi Mizusawa (MIZ). Music by MIZ is available for purchase on iTunes.