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Invincible Thinking

A mindset of invincibility is the most powerful tool to transform any event or circumstance into wisdom for soul growth. Nourish your ambition to fulfill a purposeful existence and become a guiding light to inspire others. Read More

Healing from Within

Ryuho Okawa reveals the source of various illnesses that modern medicine cannot address. Filled with unique remedies presented to help us stay on the path to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Understand the intimate relationship between mind and body. Read More

The Unhappiness Syndrome

Ryuho Okawa diagnoses 28 common habits of the "Unhappiness Syndrome" with potent remedies to counter negativity and self-deprecation. With the prescriptions outlined, you can flip patterns of unhappiness into expressions of replenished delight. Read More

The Laws of Success

In these pages you will find timeless wisdom for living with purpose and advice on how to seed joy at home and in the workplace. Ryuho Okawa introduces 8 powerful principles to actualize hope, guard from setbacks and live constructively. Read More

The Trump Secret

Ryuho Okawa had already foreseen President Trump's win. Okawa shares a series of lectures and interviews that unveil the secrets to Trump's victory and makes predictions of what will happen under his presidency. Read More

A Life of Triumph

Ryuho Okawa introduces key attitudes to tap endless reserves of elemental positivity. We may not be able to avoid setbacks, failures, and mistakes in life, but we do not have to let them defeat us. We can all persevere when we become aware of the winner within! Read More

The Miracle of Meditation

Meditation can open your mind to the self-transformative potential within. With how-tos and answers to common questions about meditation, this insightful guide will awaken your soul to encourage a more mindful and fulfilled life. Read More

The Essence of Buddha

Ryuho Okawa imparts, in simple and accessible language, his wisdom about the essence of Shakyamuni Buddha's philosophy of life and enlightenment. Okawa distills a way of life that anyone can adopt to nurture self-growth and compassion. Read More

The Laws of Justice

What is global justice from a perspective of the Supreme God? Ryuho Okawa bestows an enlightened perspective that peers beyond religious, political, societal, economic and academic disparities to mend the ambiguities of worldly conflict and reinforce God's infinite love. Read More