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The Unhappiness Syndrome

Okawa diagnoses the 28 common habits of the "Unhappiness Syndrome" and offers prescriptions for changing them so that we can cure ourselves of this syndrome. Find out whether you fall into any of the 28 patterns so that you can free yourself from worries, distress, and emotional pain. Read More

The Laws of Success

Learn 8 spiritual principles that, when put to practice in our day-to-day life, will help us attain lasting success and let us experience the fulfillment of living our purpose and the joy of sharing our happiness with many others. Read More

The Trump Secret

A series of lectures and interviews that unveil the secrets to Trump’s victory and makes predictions of what will happen under his presidency. Read More

A Life of Triumph

The encouraging and powerful words in this book will fill you with the energy and strength to overcome any hardships and the courage to keep moving forward. Read More

The Miracle of Meditation

With how-tos and answers to common questions about meditation, this simple but profound book will awaken your soul and encourage you to start living a more mindful, positive, and fulfilled life. Read More

The Essence of Buddha

Live a life of meaning and purpose. This text offers a contemporary interpretation of the way to enlightenment, written by highly revered spiritual leader. Read More

The Laws of Justice

This book shows what global justice is from a comprehensive perspective of the Supreme God. Becoming aware of this view will let us embrace differences in beliefs, recognize other people's divine nature, and love and forgive one another. Read More

The Heart of Work

There are key principles that will help you get to the heart of work, manage your time well, prioritize your work, live with long health and vitality, achieve growth, and more. Read More

Think Big!

This self-development book offers practical steps to consciously create a life of rewarding challenge, fulfillment, and achievement. Read More