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Rojin, Buddha’s Mystical Power

Its Ultimate Attainment in Today’s World

Rojin is one of Buddha's six divine supernatural powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, mind reading, fate reading, astral travel and Rojin, the power of extinction of worldly desires.

This book illustrates the whole range of spiritual power available to people who are striving to achieve enlightenment. Ryuho Okawa has redefined the traditional Buddhist term Rojin and explained that in modern society, it means the following: the ability for individuals with great spiritual powers to live in the world as people with common sense while using their abilities to their optimal level. The author logically explains various spiritual powers and teaches that Rojin is the ultimate ability to manage them all. The ability of the author to give such a comprehensive reasoning demonstrates that he is the highest spiritual leader of humankind. By reading this book, you will learn how to apply Buddha's Truth in this day and age, and will learn the wisdom to live a life rich with love and enlightenment that is sanctioned by Buddha or God.

Rojin, Buddha’s Mystical Power

Have you ever had a supernatural experience? Perhaps several throughout your life? Can you honestly say that you understand the true context of those experiences? If you’re like most people, a spiritual experience can ultimately leave you with more questions than answers. Why is this? In…