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IRH Press Religion & SpiritualityThe Law SeriesThe Laws of the Universe Secrets of the Everlasting Truths

Secrets of the Everlasting Truths

A New Paradigm for Living on Earth

Through this book, Master Okawa shows us a glimpse of the power within knowing the existence of a vaster universe created by God. In the future, the mechanisms of the spiritual laws will be an intrinsic part of advanced physics and medicine will no longer be capable of denying that the soul is an essential part of healing. We are also on the brink of discovering the deeper truths about space-people and their influences on Earth. Indeed, our entire planet will experience a decisive paradigm shift of "knowledge" and "truth" which will lead to a new era of a paradoxical spirituality.

in the future, the most scientific and physical of sciences, will require spiritual knowledge! The solutions to our current problems today ? environmental, political, scientific, technological, economic, and religious ? are within our own minds. Read this book and unearth the infinite world of possibilities hidden within spiritual truths, all found right inside your mind. The door to our future is right within us.