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The Hell You Never Knew

And How to Avoid Going There

The conventional image of Hell is a place of eternal suffering where souls are made to suffer. Through remarkable spiritual discovery, Ryuho Okawa re-introduces Hell as a temporary abode for souls to undergo spiritual training and correct lifelong mistakes to earn salvation.

Okawa offers a detailed account of the nine different types of Hell and describes the thoughts and deeds that connect to these realms. According to Okawa, modern ideals are a mishmash of misused freedoms that inevitably lead to poor choices. The purpose of religion is to guide souls away from harmful attenuations, but as ideologies clash, Hell continues to flourish. Knowing that actions have consequences, embrace true salvation of your soul through constructive and mindful living.

Avoid falling prey to Hell by learning:

  • How fear brings suffering in this world and into the next
  • The vital importance of controlling negative thoughts while alive
  • The three modes of thoughts that will guarantee a painful afterlife
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Okawa Book Club

E19: The Hell You Never Knew and How to Avoid Going There