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The Nine Dimensions

Unveiling the Laws of Eternity

Ryuho Okawa reveals that our souls were made to pursue spiritual evolution. Okawa shows us that God designed this world, and the vast, wondrous world of our afterlife as a school with many levels through which our souls learn and grow. We children of God have the potential for infinite growth as we strive to grow closer to His likeness. In addition to the joys that we derive from our individual progress, God also gave humankind the objective of producing harmony and bravery from the diversity of our collective existence.

This is a window into the mind of our loving God, who encourages us to grow into greater angels. It reveals His deepest intentions, answering the timely questions of why He conceived such a colorful medley of religions, philosophies, sciences, arts and other forms of expression. It is His hope that when the religions and cultures of the world discover the truth of their common spiritual origin, they will be inspired to accept their differences, come together under faith in God and build an era of harmony and peaceful progress on Earth.

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E24: The Nine Dimensions - Unveiling the Laws of Eternity

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