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The True Eightfold Path

Guideposts for Self-innovation

Following Ryuho Okawa's renowned work, The Essence of Buddha (IRH Press 2016), The True Eightfold Path: Guideposts for Self-Innovation explains how we can apply the Eightfold Path, one of the main pillars of Shakyamuni Buddha's teachings, as everyday guideposts in the modern-age to achieve self-innovation to live better and make positive changes in this era of uncertainty.

In this book you will gain the following wisdom:

  • Where is the origin of 'righteousness' and what is the precondition for practicing Eightfold Path 'self-reflection?'
  • Why practicing the Eightfold Path can help us shed our ego?
  • How can we make our work more meaningful and rewarding?
  • How can we improve our time management skills and ability to realize our goals?
  • How does daily practice of the Eightfold Path generate our compassionate hearts and improves relationships?
  • How to maintain a peace of mind, Zen mindset, regardless of external factors and aim to attain higher enlightenment?

This comprehensive and practical guide is imbued with wisdom and power to bring out the potential of our souls to the fullest and transform our personalities into virtuous leaders to help guide others. That's why the Eightfold Path is called a 'treasure for humanity.'

The True Eightfold Path

For those who sincerely and honestly wish to transform themselves and achieve true happiness and Enlightenment, The True Eightfold Path: Guideposts for Self-innovation released by Ryuho Okawa, World Teacher and CEO of Happy Science Group (March 30, 2021 IRH Press) is the most genuine and certain…